Sundancer EntertainmentSundancer Entertainment was established in 1978 in South Germany. It is about living the life you want to live, so, it is about living YOUR dreams!

It is about living a life of travelling the world, living in the most perfect places and connecting with beautiful minded people.

It is about music, being creative. Listening to music, playing instruments, create new songs, produce own songs and at least write own lyrics. Music is the perfect way to express yourself and even you don’t make music on your own, the whole world is listening, for years, for decades, for centuries, from the beginning!

It is about style, lifestyle! No need to have all the expensive brands, bling blings and so on. They don’t make you happy for good. It is about doing things with style, living a life with style, being the person with style without wearing the latest fashion. Let yourself shine, not your bling bling. But it’s absolutely fine wearing something you really like.

It is about motivation and inspiration. Don’t teach, inspire. Don’t be taught, let yourself be inspired. Find out what your elixir of life is all about. Is it really the 9 – 5 thing? Maybe it is becoming a preacher, being creative, painting pictures, makeing music, getting your own business started, opening a beachbar in paradise and on and on. Do you really love what you do? If not, find out what you are dreaming of and start living YOUR dreams!

In 5 words, Sundancer Entertainment is about LIFE! (every single picture is self made)!