Rarotonga is the main of the Cook Islands located in French Polynesia, Southsea, Pacific. It’s not hard to say that this place comes close to a lot of people’s imagination when talking about paradise. In the middle of nowhere it is not to easy to get there for most people on planet earth. But taking a flight (or mostly several flights) to land in Avarua is worth it!

There is a road circling around the island with about 30km length. So a rented scooter is absolutely enough to see everything of it. It has everything what you expect from a tropical island and I can highly recommend Muri Beach cause to me it was my favorite spot and the town of Avarua is quite close when you want to Party a bit at nighttime.

There are at least not too many spots for partying, I found two and they are beside each other in Avarua.


We went to Avarua in the evening by scooter, one german and two swiss girls who were staying at the same resort. The goal was clear, finding a spot to have some drinks and maybe where even party is going on. That place was found directly when arriving from southeast to town on the right side. The Whatever Bar!

Already the name made us laugh cause it just fits so perfectly to the people living there and our lifestyles for that moment. It is located directly by the sea on a first floor of a simple wood made building. It is open and has kind, well it is a rooftop bar, simple but perfect. A funny south sea guy with Hawaii shirt came and asked where we from, one of the swiss girls answered and he responded „Grüezi wohl!“

We were all laughing our asses off. The meaning is „good day/hello/welcome…“ but in 100% swiss slang. So background was, he lived for several years in Switzerland and he was the owner of that Bar. So quite a lot of free drinks went into our blood. There are several opportunities having three blondes with you, hahaa.

We had super much fun with the locals and by night, Whatever Bar closes and you go downstairs to the partly outside party club. We partied the night through, dancing, drinking, laughing, joking and finally when doors closed we were crawling into the bus back to the resort. The rest is history!