Playa Blanca is for sure one of the most beautiful spots on earth! Located at the carribean coast of Colombia, Rosario Islands, this spot is a must for every backpacker and should be a must for everyone! There are two options getting there: The standard one, taking a boat from Cartagena, and the special one (I recommend that for at least one way), by bus, taxi, boat and motorbike with locals.

Arriving there makes you feel like arriving in paradise (do not take a one day boat trip and do not go there during weekends, it is overcrowded with locals!).

During daytime (10-15) several tourist boats arrive there, but leaving 30 minutes later. At about 4 pm, everything belongs to you. There is no electricity and there are just some spots where you can sleep in a hammock, a tent or a bamboo hut. It has everything about down to earth caribean lifestyle!

You can not buy there anything, you can have there fresh food and drinks, but bring your bottles of rum. cause at 10 pm there’s no way to get anything! Take your shower and getting your teeth brushed in the caribean! Stay there for a minimum of 2 nights (at Hugo’s Place), it will change your life!

Have FUN!!! Sundancer Travel!


I was in a hostel in Cartagena, the Marlin, en la Calle de la Media Luna, I really like it. One night I talked to the guy doing the night shifts. Eduardo now is a very good friend of mine for about 7 years. He told me about a wonderful caribean place. So one morning, my cousin (he visited me in colombia while he studied in Caracas, Venezuela) and me were partying the night away and picked up Eduardo from work.

Some guys took us on motorbikes to a bus station. From there we went as far as possible until we switched to a taxi until we couldn’t go further on some dirt road again. There we took something like a boat across something like a river. Over there some crazy colombian motorbikers waited for us taking us to paradise. The way going there was already worth it, we had too much fun. One little reason for sure is, cause we were kind of a bit drunk.

When we finally arrived, we were like „…oh my god, we made it, we reached paradise“! White sandy beach, coconuts, palms, tourquoise crystal clear waters, just a few wooden or bamboo huts and not one single person, wow! We woke up some colombian guy to make us breakfast (one of the best I had ever had), we were really hungry. Then we had a nap under some big bamboo umbrella.

We went to Hugo’s Place on the beach (highly recommended) and „checked in“ in one of the best places I’ve ever been. It’s a 2 story bamboo wood hut. There are 3 „rooms“ with 2 big beds on the 2nd floor, like big tents, 5 meters away from the carribean. Super simple but so unbelievable, undescribable. Go there, take a look, the rest is history!