Cabarete (flight to Puerto Plata) is one of Sundancer’s most favorite spots on earth! For sure you will find a lot of Blogs about that perfect location on this homepage!

La Boca (engl. the mouth) is a place 7km south of Cabarete centre. It’s name is because a river runs into the sea at that place. Even it is quite close, it is an abolutely secret and the way to get there can be quite adventurous. You can walk down there on the beach or get there by bike, scooter, moto or 4wd. It is not too easy to find so I would recommend taking a moto (small motorbike with driver), costs about 200 dp for both ways.

When the road ends you will find sandy, muddy, dirt ways to get there, but it is real fun! At the end you finally arrive at a really perfect location. The jungle ends and you come to the river beach first, about 200 meters walk further you reach the sea.

But first take the boat across the river (tip the guy when crossing back). He will bring you to the river and sea view La Boca „Wilson`s Restaurant“. It’s absolutely down to earth, simple, cheap, cold drinks, super fresh food and nice people! The view is unpayable amazing. I’ve been there several times and everyone I took there was thanking god for that place, me too, amen!

While having lunch (I recommend going there between 11-16 o’clock), if your lucky, kiters pass 5 meters in front of you, kiting out and in from the ocean to the river. You can even kite up to Playa Encuentro from here (Playa Encuentro will have a separate Blog). You can also watch fishermen doing oldschool fishing in the river.

When you finished lunch, drinks and the great view, go back with the boat and take a walk across the dunes to the sea and just enjoy the nature. Normally there will be no one else around.


Once going there with a french canadian I met in a Cabarete bar the day he lost his best friend cause of a motorbike crash. Unfortunately a lot of people over there leave earth for that reason, so please take care! Marcel, in his sixties, became a real friend then. We even wanted to start a business over there together. He already lived in Cabarete for nearly a year and did not know La Boca, so I took him there, he loved it!

When driving back with his scooter through the dunes, we crashed and fell on the sand cause the bike couldn’t make it through the deep. We were not fast, I had a few scratches on my leg and we were laying in the sand laughing our asses off!

The rest is history!

Pictures of that trip on youtube Sundancer – Tha Lord just click below

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