Mumbai is a crazy place to be. To some people it might be a kind of scary and weird place to visit. During daytime there are a lot of young kids asking for everything you have with you. In the evening families go to sleep on a kind of carpet on the sidewalk and you will have to walk around them.

The Colaba Causeway is where the people hang around, it is the parallel street to the promenade where there is the Gateway to India and the Taj Mahal Tower Hotel.


The Leopold’s is one of the most famous bars to go to. I read about it in the book Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts, an Australian guy who escaped from an Australian prison and lived in the slums of Mumbai for years and worked there as a doctor. That book was one of the reasons for me to visit Mumbai!

I met a young guy in the streets when having a beer outside a seafront hotel. He warned about drinking in public, which is absolutely forbidden. Offering to show me the city I agreed. We went to several bars araound the colaba causeway including a restaurant serving the most spicy food I ever had. It took about half an our to get back to normal conditions after sweating out everything inside me and cooling down my red lightning head!

After leaving Leopold’s, sitting in a backstreet finishing our beer to get a taxi to a night club. One of the taxi drivers, ready to receive bakshish (money), informed police because of us drinking beer. We emptied and hided the bottles and went on the main street when police arrived.

At first they were searching us for some smoke we didn’t have. Before my young fellow could answer the first question he was directly slapped in the face by one of the officers. That happened several times, even we did nothin wrong.

I could pay the police with some bakshish, but had no chance to release that poor little guy. They took him to Colaba Police Station where I don’t wanna know what happened to him. The next day I flew to Goa.

The rest is history!