Melbourne is the 2nd biggest city in Australia. For years now it is listed among the 3 best places to live on earth. Often ranked at 1st place. And that’s for good reason. You have there everything you need. St. Kilda for example is located directly at the beach and is a perfect place to be. With a lot of bars and restaurants it is a bit alternative and represents pure lifestyle.

Melbourne has a great architecture, a lot of history, culture but also modern buildings and art. Downtown is super peaceful and you can really see a lot like i.e. China Town. Take the red tram that circles through and around the city and hop off at places you like, it’s free.

Go to New Brunswick, there are a lot of alternative restaurants, second hand shops and so on. Melbourne is really a nice place to visit and for sure to live too. For it’s more than 3 million people everything is quite good overlooking and easy to reach.


When landing in Melbourne coming from Singapor it was already my second flight with Airbus A380 the biggest plane ever. It is an amazing feeling travelling with that giant. My sister lived in and around Melbourne for 9 years. I came with a friend my sister and her boyfriend not knowing that I join. So it was a perfect surprise for her seeing me at the airport.

The second day we went by tram to St. Kilda’s Beach. That part of the city I really liked most. You have the sea, the beach, bars, restaurants, fresh, crazy and super cool people, clubs and everything you can wish. It was a really hot day and I did wear just a muscle shirt and shorts.

Sweating I entered the tram back. The problem is, the tram and a lot of other places like restaurants and shops are cooled down by aircon like crazy. So always take something long and maybe a second shirt with you. I was laying in bed for two days totally ill. The rest is history!