Mantaray Island is one of the Yasawa Islands belonging to Fiji. It’s difficult to explain, so let’s just call it paradise. You get by plane to nadi and then have to take the boat for about 4-5 hours. Take a drink with you and the trip is super funny. Passing several other small islands like Beachcomber, Southsea and Bounty you finally get there after an already super magical boat ride.

You will be picked up by a small boat in the open sea and they bring you to Mantaray Island Resort, there is nothing more over there. You will be welcomed by natives wearing origin clothes singing the hello song for you. When looking around there’s nothing else but beauty. Everything is built naturally into the landscape and you will live in a hut on the beach.

You can go snorkeling, canooing, have a walk around the island meet interesting people and several more things. You will never get bored over there. The bar and restaurant is on a small hill and is wonderful. In the evening the locals do some entertainment and then there is music and you can even give your best on the wooden open air dancefloor, just perfect!


The first night was spent at Smuggler’s Cove in Nadi directly at the beach. There you can watch one of the world’s most incredible sunsets, promised, it’s so magic! In the morning by around 7am the boat starts at Nadi harbour directioned to Yasawa Islands. It takes all the travellers with them and drop them off island to island.

I got a secret information by another traveler „take a bottle of whiskey with you on the boat trip, it’s fun!“ And it was! A 1,5l bottle was filled with cooled whiskey and coke. When arriving around noon at Mantaray Island (Resort) the bottle was empty, sharing it with several others. As we had super fun on the boat, some travelers even decided to cancel their spot and join us.

After moving in our huts we met on the beach to do some funny drunk canooing. That was the beginning of several doctor visits! I paddled into the bigger waves and was slammed out of my boat into the corals. They slized my skin all over the body and put their poison in it. Damn that burned. I couldnt move as I lost my flip flops. Finally arriving at the beach by letting the waves wash me in I had to do my first doctor’s visit, but not my last.

She put desinfection stuff all across my body. The slizes and scratches stopped bloodying slowly and the result was not too bad, just looked a bit funny and scary, but all good. In the evening we shared a big table with the friends we made for perfect dinner and drinks. When local entertainment was over party started.

It became quite wild with dancing, singing, drinking, great conversations…as once I jumped from a podium on the dancefloor, my left food crashed completely through the wood an I was lying on the dancefloor with one food stuck through the floor and we were laughing our asses off. The rest is history!