Sundancer Music had a longer break with playing in bands. Then one day people met on an opening party of a bar. Sundancer Music was asked by a guy knowing of old days playing in different bands. They started a project and asked me to join. Of course I was interested and we made an appointment for a soundcheck, if it works for us – it did.

After having the complete project together, band, location… we directly started into the fullest. Just about 4 months later it was time for the studio to record the first CD called „Entire Pureness“ with 5 songs on it. The first single to make the way to YouTube was „Leadership“. Lyrics should not be taken too seriously, it’s just about going our own way, no matter what other people say!

So finally we organized „The La Marcha Release Show“ which took place in our home town. It was absolutely amazing. The location was fully crowded and everything went perfectly. In the end we got super feedback and one of the locations owners directly offered us a gig playing for 1.200 people. Of course we canceled, nope, we didn’t. The rest is history!