Alentejo is a region in the south of Portugal partly at the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the poorest in western Europe but it’s very beautiful. Famous for its wine and great landscape you can go also surfing there. The waves are really good.


Vila Vita Alentejo is a super great place. Owned by the biggest german financial company. I have been there several times and enjoyed every minute of it. With its own wine production you will never run out of stock. The pool bars are always filled. It is located around a lake with two main houses. As we arrived after the first drinks everyone got his own bike.

The food is absolutely amazing and as we drank the night away it was time to bike to our house. One colleague had way too much wine and got off the street broke through a fence, down the hill and fell into the lake. His knee was opened and had to be stitched. He could not go into the water the whole time and didn’t drink anything at all again there.
The rest is history.