A soccer game visited by more than 70.000 people is amazing. Sundancer Lifestyle is a big supporter of FC Bayern Munich for more than 30 years. This team is the most successful one in german history. Normally the games take place on saturdays 3.30 pm. It is an adventure for the whole weekend.

A lot of bus companies offer the journey including tickets. Already the way to go there is great. Having your first beer in the bus, meet new people and finally arrive at one of the most incredible arenas soccer has to give worldwide. The atmosphere is great and in 90% of the games you see the team win. If you don’t like them, watch another soccer game, will be great too.


We met at 9 am in our office. The bus to Munich was about to leave by 10 so it was time to have the first beer. Wearing old fashioned bavarian leather trousers and of course the shirts, scarves… of our team, the legendary FC Bayern Munich. The weather was brilliant as we entered the bus.

Before arriving at Allianz Arena outside Munich we had to force the bus driver not just once for a short stop because beer wanted to make his way out. So finally reaching the stadium, everyone was in perfect mood. As always it was completely sold out, fans come here from all over the country, even outside Germany, even from the whole world!

We entered the amazing place and as always your heartbeat is going up. We partied a lot and in the end the score was a 7:1, not too typical for a soccer game (but sometimes even in a World Championship semi final ;-)). We saw 7 goals of our team. You can choose by spending the night in Munich to party there, but that time we had to go back by bus and partied the night through in our home town with other fans who were in the stadium or watched it on TV.

The rest is history!