A cruisship journey is defenatly something special and you can not compare it with other ways of travelling. The best thing about it is seeing a lot of different spots in quite a short time, which is also negative to some people. But hey, when you like a place a lot, travel there again and stay longer.

You can book daily excursions on board but of course that’s complete tourist stuff and expensive. When it’s really something special go for it, otherwise I highly recommend going on your own and meet with locals for the real good time or ask them where to go or take a taxi. Amazing is always when you enter and leave a harbour.

One used to say that cruise ships are boring and just for old people. My experience is totaly different, you just need to inform yourself which one to book. We had party all day and all night long.


We landed in Venice, Italy in the morning. About 30 people of our company were picked up at the airport. Our luggage was directly transported to the cruiseship and we were able to visit Venice till late afternoon. By boat we first went to Hilton Hotel to have a snack at Venice River, later it went on downtown. At place Marcos the 0,3l beer was 15 dollars, so we directly ordered one each, once in a lifetime you can do that.

The route started in Venice (Italy) via Ravenna (Italy), Valletta (Malta), Catania (Sicily, Italy), Split (Croatia) and back to Venice (Italy). So there was a lot of Mediterranean stuff to see. The whole journey was 100% fun! No matter if on board at thr bar, the jacuzy, the nightclub and the great food or when leaving the ship. We were always partying, having fun, having some drinks, just having an amazing great time. The rest is history!