Bellagio is a wonderful town at Lake Como (Lago di Como) in the northern part of Italy. Because of it’s beauty and architecture the most popular Casino Hotel in Las Vegas was named and inspired by this town. It is a quite exclusive spot and a lot of jet setters spend their summer over there in that region.

George Clooney, Phil Collins and many more have villas over there, a James Bond movie was partly filmed there and many more exclusive stuff happens at this spot, so there’s really a lot to see.


In summer this place is quite crowded. I went there in april with a very nice friend from Russia who visited me after meeting her in Dominican Republic, where she is living. You can spend there a really great and quiet time visiting enormous old mansions with unbelievable great architecture. Have a glass of wine at a lake front restaurant and enjoy the view.

Walk through the old small streets, do window shopping and take the boat to other great old towns across the lake. The views and the atmosphere are absolutely amazing! At nighttime there are several sweet small bars, but take money with you, it’s not the cheapest place to stay and the rooms are limited.

We had a great time over there and I can highly recommend it. The rest is history!