Goa for sure has several of the most alternative places on earth! In the 60’s and 70’s the hippie generation travelled there by thousands. You still find some of the first ones who got there and still a lot of freaks go there as often as possible.

This part of India used to be a portugese colony, so the style is quite not typical to India and of course you find the hippie influence kind of everywhere. It has wonderful beaches, super cheap prices, very nice people and great markets going on!


The Mango Tree Bar in Small Vagator at latenight. Some freaky looking guy was stiitng alone at a table and I’ve been told that he is swiss. So grapping a beer for him I went over to his table. He was a 49 year old guy with massive beard and long hair (remembering Mr. Queenstown?).

We started conversation and he was really one of a Goa veteran. Having opened the very first coffee shop in Switzerland he now is spending his live in Goa. I guess at a european airport he would be arrested (just a feeling). We had several drinks and funny conversations and in the end I was invited to his 50th birthday the next day at The Hill Top.

Hill Top is a really hippie style location with freaky painted coloured palmtrees and wooden huts! It’s quite big and there are markets and parties on and on. For that night it was closed just for his birthday and it finally came out why: the Hill Top belonged to that guy and he lived there.

When arriving on a rented scooter there were big tables with all kinds of food you just can imagine, perfect quality and totally fresh. About 15 meters of tables with all on it. In the middle of the place the tables for the invited guests were placed. About 30 people were there and I was introduced to everyone. Most of them old school hippies with a crazy past and lifestyle. I felt super comfortable but never had seen anything like that before! Pictures of some guests were not allowed, hahaha.

We ate and drank the night away having conversations and listening to stories thinking you would be on a movie set! Most of the people had lived a life you can not imagine. One of the adventures I will not forget in my lifetime!

The rest is history!

Pictures of that trip on youtube, just click below!