This is a city, once the most beautiful girl on earth used to live! Located directly at Lake Superior in Ontario, close to the US border. It is quite beautiful and has a good university. Not many tourists lose themselfes to that spot, although it is really great, espacially if you are down to nature, the people are super friendly!


My flight from Munich to Toronto was canceled, so I had to fly the next morning. That flight was delayed about 3 hours, so after several beer I finally took off. Landing in Toronto I missed my connecting flight and had to wait again for several hours, so again I had several drinks in the airport bars, talking to some swiss and a few canadian people.

Cause of the delay, my friend couldn’t pick me up, she had to work at LOT66, a really good restaurant, one of the best in Thunder Bay. So finally arriving there, I was looking for a taxi, but before I really could, I heard someone shouting my name. What the…!? I turned around, and there was a canadian guy with whom I had a beer at Toronto airport, haha.

So this nice guy went with me to LOT66 where we had 2 more beers together and I was invited for a weekend in his countryside house at the lake with friends and a boat trip, great, but I cancelled, I wanted to spend time with my friend. I met her the last day of my trip in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic in january that year. That’s how I got there!

The rest is history!

Pictures of that trip on youtube SUNDANCER – Lakehead Superior see below