Queenstown is definetly the capital of extreme and trend sports. Several activities have their origin over there, like bungee jumping or jet boat driving. It is located in an unbelievable landscape between mountains, rivers and lakes. During daytime you can do all activities you just can imagine, during nighttime you find a lot of bars to have fun and party.

This is a spot to be visited at least once in your lifetime!


When landing in Christchurch I took a camper shortly before the terrible earthquake destroyed part of the city, including the church. Driving down south I reached the first bungee jumping spot ever, a few kilometers away from Queenstown. When I entered the city I really was amazed. That spot is nature, action, sports, party, everything combined.

One night when going out I was in a bar where a good coverband played (named Cartel). One crazy and interesting looking guy got my attention. He was maybe in his end fifties and had a long and massive mega beard and even longer hair. I took 2 beer from the bar and walked towards him. „Hey, for sure your thirsty, here’s your beer! By the way, what’s your name?“ his answer made me laugh my ass off „Thank you sir, I am Mister Queenstown!“

And he really was. We partied and drank until the early morning hours and had great conversations. He showed me all the spots to go and not to go and all the things to do… The bill was always mine for a simple reason: he lives in the forest with nothing but his clothes he wears, summer and winter. He is always invited for food and drinks by locals and people visiting.

The following time we spent together I nearly didn’t have to pay one buck! We both always were invited by people surrounding us, could not believe it. Before I left I asked how to stay in contact, his answer again made me doing backflips from laughing „my friend, write a postcard to : Mr. Queenstown, Queenstown, New Zealand, I will receive it!“ So if you once are in that so beautiful city, invite him and tell him big fat greetz from me. The rest is history!