area47 is a playground for adrenaline junkies! Located in Austria near Innsbruck this spot has everything you need when it comes to adventure.

It was built into a perfect landscape in the alps where you can do rafting, climbing, cliff diving, wake boarding and a thousand more things.
This is pure lifestyle!



The second action after wild water rafting was the Mega Swing. With fear of heights that is a thing close to fear of death. Not just the jump itself, but the way to get to the platform. It is under the bridge and I had to walk on a maybe 30cm wooden board in 27 meters above a concrete place. If there wouldn’t have been a 10 year old boy directly behind me and several other people I would have turned back.

It was really terror to a guy with fear of heights getting there. When reaching the bridge post, the 30cm board turns into a 5cm board and you have to „walk“ around that post to finally reach the platform. I went to the instructor and said „fix me I need to jump, I have to be down to earth as soon as possible!“ and I jumped directly and will not do the walk again, the jump I would do again! For the next day I cancelled the high climbing garden which is under the bridge too and went buggy cross driving instead.outdoor-area-47methodrenderpropdata

On the last day one of the last actions was to jump with a bob from a mega ramp into the water. We had to take all risks on us and sign for it. After putting on helmets water suits and save vests we walked up the stairs to the ramp. When arriving on top we all were scared so we played the stupid game and I lost. I had to go first!

I sat down on my bob, went downhill and wanted to try a double backflip when jumping off the ramp. One of the most stupid ideas I ever had. When reaching the end of the ramp with maximum speed the bob with me on top made a bit of a left turn and I was flying totally uncontrolled corkscrew style high through the air. I finally said hello to the water ricochet with my ribs. 3 of them crashed thanks to the safety vest which is making the ricochet much much more stronger. 6 weeks of pain was the answer. The rest is history!