This is a speed motor event tour around europe that can be highly recommended. You can meet the drivers, several of them ex or future Formula1 drivers! There are always two races on saturday and sunday. You can visit the boxes, watch and touch the cars and smell the petrol in the air. The entry is quite cheap and there’s only good vibrations, join it!

After an about 7-8 hour drive to the A1 Ring in Spielberg, Austria, we finally arrived in the early saturday morning hours. After checking in the first thing to do was to drink a cold beer. About one our later the other car with our sponsor arrived, paying the complete weekend. Background is, he is one of the sponsors of a driver so we got VIP tickets.

We then went to the raceway by car and met all the drivers and visited all boxes. As the race was finished, we were partying through all racing team tents, drinking champagne… When finally in the early evening hours the event for this day on the raceway was over no one could drive the way back and we couldn’t get a taxi, so what to do?

The solution was hitch hiking. After a quite long time a pickup truck stopped and 6 funny people were jumping on the back of the car. Several kilometers further, we saw a police control on the street. 6 funny people were jumping off the pickup, running around the control and hopping onto the truck when the truck passed the control. In the night hours we went to a club having a lot of fun. The next day was a bit hungover for all of us, but at least our driver won that race. Great time. The rest is history!