Tomorrowland Festival was established in 2005 in Belgium. It is all about electronic music and DJ’s. Inbetween it became one of the biggest festivals on earth and was voted the „Best Music Event Worldwide“ over the last years! Tickets (180.000) are completely sold out inbetween minutes after they are available.

Now, there are two more festivals of Tomorroworld/Tomorrowland in Brasil and the USA. Sundancer joined the festival in 2014, the 10th anniversary. 380.000 visitors came on two weekends and the tickets were sold out in ONE MINUTE! There were more than TWO million people online looking for tickets.

Located in fascinating surroundings with lakes and islands, you find there 17 stages with all kinds of electronic music, even one stage is in a cave, the Rave Cave.The main stage is always incredibly designed and has the atmosphere of an amphitheater and catches maybe people. You can definetly not imagine what happens there when the best DJ’s on earth give their best at nighttime. Watch the aftermovies on YouTube, that’s how I became involved!

Join it, HAVE FUN !!! Sundancer Lifestyle!